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I assume so.

Babies don't stay babies forever.

I ran into Elric at the library.

It would be better if you didn't eat before going to bed.

She lost her hat, but soon found it.

We gave a farewell party in honor of her.

Michel is quite likable.


I wish there was something I could do.

Who is your Chinese teacher?

If you need some more practice, our study needs a good clean out!

They don't go well together.

Lana does it very well.


All the questions apply to your sick child.


Get in the car.

On Monday, his condition improved slightly.

I can't pay you. Are you still willing to help?

It is morning. The children are eating breakfast.

His books are interesting.

I already have a girlfriend.

Let me tell Pamela.


Are you in a fraternity?

Michelle walked into the apartment.

Her silver armour and her steed dazzled the eyes of the people as she darted past.

We will have little snow this winter.

It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

Just what is it you want from me?

You fooled and insulted me.

It's time to talk.

To all appearances, he is a man of learning.

Let me speak to him first.

I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out.

You're blowing it.

Bob won't speak to us.

My pet dog was seriously ill.

It is terrible that we have to struggle with our own government in order to save the environment.

We need one more chair.

He redeemed his watch from the pawnbroker.

Would you please slow down?

Dwayne won't help you, you know.

The European Parliament is acting hypocritically.

Lou almost got fired.

All sorts of people came to the exhibition.

I think Kari is conscientious.

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She has the advantage of being bilingual.

They began to climb the hill.

No one could stop Saqib.

Pratapwant couldn't find a good place to hide.

Young people usually have more energy than the old.

You, too, can achieve success if you try.

The downside of fame is scrutiny.

Someone needs to save him, or he'll drown.

He stopped it.


I like to laugh.

If you don't behave, Santa won't come.

I'm glad I could help.

You should head west.

I need you to unlock my computer.

I'll take Val along with us.

She gave birth on Monday to her first child.


Who hit you?

You can see it, but you cannot take it away.

I drive a Porsche.


I like both.

The machine, which is excellent, has a good reputation.

Being a teacher is hard work.

This is the most beautiful country I have ever visited.

Where can I buy one?


It only happened once.

Rusty isn't as tough as he seems.

The names of those who died have not been released.

I think you should stay.

I'm feeling better now, but I sure felt bad this morning.


The TV was on all night.

Don't come back here.

The flag of his fatherland brought tears to his eyes.

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Be careful, it's a dangerous junction!

Panos seemed relieved.

Put it back on the desk.


Gene refuses to work.


Careful, please.

He has character as well as knowledge.

Can you ride a horse?


Po spoke French to me.


My sister is 10 centimetres taller than I am.


Jurevis never mentioned any of this to me before.

I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.

Jean has a wicked sense of humor.

Can you teach me how to swim?

He's above telling a lie.

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When foreign citizens land in Japan, they must apply for landing permission at the air or seaports where they arrive.

I promised no such thing.

How are your wedding plans coming?

Leith is a real-estate developer.

Your family is well.


He tried to get up early.

I caught sight of Namie Amuro.

This is a great book.

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They were somewhere else.

I'm going to go to the men's room.

He will answer for his crimes.

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I don't want to be laughed at.

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She helped him.


I may disagree with your words but I hear you out.

What do you think she is doing now?

That wasn't the reason.


We like her.


He is bound to pass the test.

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You guys were just incredible.

I'll give you our answer after we go into your proposal in greater detail.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

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I have a few friends in the United States.

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How do you like the meat?

What's obvious is that you're not very happy here.

My brother is an engineer.

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Tickets are good for three days.

I've done everything I can do.

How do you think Darren did that?

I wouldn't be the same without you.

The navy defends our seacoast.

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Not everything on the web can be found through Google.

His delay made the situation all the worse.

Will anyone be disappointed?

We should leave quietly.

He hit the jackpot with his date. She was lovely and intelligent.

Could we order now?

What're your plans for the weekend?


Rogue wondered what Himawan was so upset about.

There can be no friendship without trust.

I have three points on my licence.

I never even got to tell Kinch about what we did for him.

We don't have to deal with this right now.

I sometimes enjoy my leisure in fishing.

Nobody died.

No matter how cold it is outside, the rooms are comfortably heated.

I've always wanted to adopt a puppy.

Do you need me to sign anything?

What's Timo up to in Boston?


I put some cookies on the table and the kids ate them right up.


Why are you talking like that?


Everyone felt sorry for me.

Bud sat down on the sand next to Hitoshi.

Gregg and his friends headed towards the beach.

Dustin may have known the answer.

I don't like Darin's dog.

No one really knows what's going on.

Grapes are made into wine.

Where's the key?

Don't ask questions. Just follow orders.

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Marvin's injuries aren't life-threatening.

He's trying to communicate with his beautiful little voice. You just need to listen.

Jeremy tried to persuade Nici.

Guillermo strongly disagrees.

Huey did a really nice job.

I will lend you all the money I have now.

Be careful on your way back home.

I would like to improve my Spanish.

She insisted on her innocence.

That singer is the center of attention.

She extended a warm welcome to them.

Sjouke gave his three-year-old son a puppy for Christmas.

I have a request, though: Don't make the same mistakes that I did!


She denied being an alcoholic.

You walk on the ice.

Linda is sixteen, but had no trouble passing for twenty.