I've married the wrong person.

That's your idea.

I really don't remember it.

Please fill out this form first.

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I got over my cold quickly.

Would you wake me up every morning?

I don't have the option.

It took Vijay several hours to finish his homework.

Is anyone out there with him?


It'll be chaos.

When's Pete expected back?

I want to know if you will be free tomorrow.

Miek didn't even try to understand.

Those were my expectations.

I tried to follow the instructions.

So successful has been the camera's role in beautifying the world that photographs, rather than the world, have become the standard of the beautiful.

I'm hoping Milner will call soon.

We should save wild animals.

Don't you just hate the way Sanche behaves?

Ken is too busy to come.

I can't do that either.

The soldiers' mission was to destroy the bridge.

It was George that I met in the street this morning.

Robin is more than willing to help.

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We dissected a frog to examine its internal organs.


I wanted to make him happy.

Someone left you a message.

All is good.

He rallied from despair.

I was just coming to see you.

I have some English books.

Cole was disobedient.

Tomas is a Boston native.

I want to go to the store Saul went to yesterday.


They looked at the rubbish, then they looked at each other.

Why don't you come over tonight?

I was expecting her.

Can you show me how I should go home?

Ben loves his sister.


I love that place.

I didn't really expect to win.

How about the taste?

I didn't even know what that was.

On the whole, the country has a severe climate.

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Meeks would have liked to attend Roxie's party. Unfortunately, he had other things he had to do.

I'm sorry but I really don't have any time to spare right now.

Bernard was pretty shaken up.

A robot can do more work than a man can.

This isn't a real diamond.


Merril tried to think of something to say.

In a word, I think he's a fool.

Have you ever sucked a penis?

She's supposed to be on maternity leave.

The officer inspired his men to be brave.


Barrio suffers from homophobia.


The restaurant was almost empty.


It was not my intention.

How much is Josh's estate worth?

Sanity reacted angrily.


I love to swim.

A special resolution to be proposed at a general meeting may be amended by ordinary resolution.

Where the hell have you been?


Life is like a roller coaster ride.

Frederick the Great introduced the potato to Prussia.

The hospital is near here.


When did you start working for Murat?

I want you, Jerry.

I feel so lucky that I was chosen.


Mrs. Paule is my math professor.

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Kyle tried to strangle Theo.

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Ramadoss didn't know exactly what to do.


Andrea was inside.

I have some problems to take care of.

I met Sridhar for lunch.

That's something of an understatement.

The horse broke its neck when it fell.

John is a big boy.

Her cheeks turned red.

Ning is not going to forget that.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

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You wanted to avoid war at the price of dishonour.

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I like to wear clogs.

It's finally here.

Antonella didn't stay there very long.

Anyone can do their bit to protect the environment.

I planned to tell Harmon about what happened.

Mario shot Franklin with a speargun.

Don't you have an accountant?

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He's always making a mess of things.

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Geoff gained weight over the winter.

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You have to go back to Boston with us.

That was Becky's biggest mistake.

Please don't go out of your way on my account.

Be patient.

Naresh doesn't know what I know.

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It's one less thing to worry about.

The human body consists, among other things, of two arms, one heart and two eyes.

Think rarely smiled.

What do you think about that?

He married Ann.


Jeremy died a few days after the accident.

Jochen never met Pierre.

Cecilia wasn't a teacher.


The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.


I don't know which button to push.

I don't want them in my house.

I don't think Laurianne will be in Boston next summer.


Laurence is pretty sure everything will go well.

Since you say so.

That's why he got up early.

Pontus is unconscious.

You might be able to help them.

Wendi claims that he can taste the difference between these two brands of salt.

I'll wait for him for an hour.

QUIET! You can hear it.

I don't want my kids to smoke.


He has been without employment for a month.

My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

"Rajarshi, do you have school today?" "No, classes were canceled because of the typhoon."

The question of reinstatement also needs to be clarified.

It's not my fault, is it?


There seems to be a problem.


Ozan invited me to join him.

You cannot separate the milk from the coffee once you put it in.

I played clarinet when I was in high school.

You're talking rot.

In three seconds midnight will strike.


There are four schools in this town.

Mikey says that she loved Vern.

Claude wanted to dance with Shawn.

Who did Thomas go to Boston with?

My son has got into bad company.

We might be here all night.

Sonny's children are sick.

The concert wasn't all that great.

Global agricultural output was expanding.

I got her to buy what I needed.

He was disciplined for his wrongdoing.

He teases me all the time.

He was unable to run fast as he was over 60.

It waited, silently.

They hung their coats behind the door.

You are asked to produce your permit to get in this center.

We baked some cookies for them.

If there are the smallest signs of life on Mars, it could prove the theory of Panspermia.

I hope I can go to Sweden one day.

He's using you.

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

Lievaart reached for the pitcher of water.

Here is a weekly magazine.


He is said to have been the richest man in the village.

Aren't you going to ask?

She held a rope.

Juergen couldn't tell one twin from the other.

Are, then, these people to believe you are doing this for them?

Kelly doesn't want anybody asking questions about Kikki.

At this language centre, about 15 international languages are taught, including English.

Who did you say that to?

This is communism.


He did not pay the debt and disappeared.

He who wishes to ride far spares his horse.

We enjoyed having you as our guest.


Miki glanced at the mirror.

We'd better talk.

A few events marked the transition into the 21st century.