He was accused of being a spy.

My grades have improved significantly.

I have been to Japan.

Louie believes whatever I say.


How handsome!

I really need to go.

He saw a UFO flying last night.

That's a funny thing about people like you, you don't want to get your hands dirty.

If you like dessert, you'll love Grandma's Kitchen!

I want you to ignore the pain.

Why do you think Dory hates me?

Here the tail wags the dog.

Do you have any idea where Leonard is now?

Her account of the incident accords with yours.

I was on my way over to David's right now.


Do you think Sergei really meant what he said?


I'm putting this sentence on Tatoeba and nobody can stop me!


Alexander wanted Boyce to wait for him at the library.

"Are scientists close to cloning a human being?" "Not by a long shot."

There are birds singing in the cage, aren't there?

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Jay has arrived.


I say something in Lojban.

How are you going to help him?

I'm not blaming anybody.


Seen from a spacecraft, the earth looks blue.

You need Beelzebub to exorcise the Devil.

Dale was watching the news when Sriram entered the room.


Made in Italy, these jeans were very expensive.


Don't go anywhere without Bonnie.

What we need now is something to eat.

That's what's happening here.

She didn't want to go out anyway.

That CD costs 10 dollars.


She is first in line.

I had hardly left home when it began raining.

My friends went to the movies without me.


The girl got distracted and lost sight of her parents.

He drained his glass in one gulp.

He did not believe in physical space flight, but astral projection through the vastness he considered possible.

I said good morning.

Thank you for your purchase!

It looks like you finally found your calling.

She can't do without milk.

You're highly intelligent.

Someday your dream will come true.

The first thing you hate in the special forces is yourself.

I got married yesterday.

I don't feel like talking anymore.

On March 15 we will have been married for 20 years.

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Where can I get hold of a good tax lawyer?


We've got a long day tomorrow.

Please give them a chance.

I think you should read it yourself.

The wait at immigration is at least 30 minutes.

Close your eyes for three minutes.


The runners rounded the corner into the homestretch.

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Our teacher will give us difficult problems.

He's so rude. I can't put up with his bad manners.

The following example of sick humor will enable you to judge for yourself.


For how long have you been living here?

I was outside.

That's not what happened.

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Do you want to go out to a movie with me on Friday night?


Hey, Hello Teacher, sorry it's too late now, but I'm sorry for the delay in responding and I'll do whatever it takes.

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He soon left the new job.


The bus stopped sharply.

He decided neither to advance nor to retreat.

A number of passengers were injured in the accident.

No chance in hell.

The negotiations took place in Boston.

It is never too late.

Can you drop me off at the station on your way home?

Barely a third of the population in this country have access to the Internet.

Kyung doesn't like Belinda that much.

We're lucky to be alive.

Whose sting is more painful: a bee's or a wasp's?


Kamel is learning a new technique.

His courage won the day.

Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

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Two people think of her as their daughter.

Syed can't resign now.

There's a revision of her work.

Tell me how you got over such troubles?

I wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend.

I have to consider every possibility.

About the wedding ... It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the main attraction so instead of doing it on a shoestring why not pull out all the stops and make a great show of it?

They aren't putting on shoes.

They settled near the Connecticut River.

When do I write poetry?

Look how the trees sway in that wind.

Smoking too many cigarettes and drinking too much alcohol is dangerous.

Go ahead. I'll meet you downstairs.

Graeme got completely plastered.

Tomorrow is the big day.

That gives me the heebie jeebies.

Keep up the good work.

I confiscated a gun from a student this morning.

I have a feeling that she'll come today.


I didn't see that.

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Pull up a chair.

Is Maureen left-handed or right-handed?

Oh, come on. It won't be so bad. We'll have fun.


I am wiping the dining table.

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The price is reasonable.

I can't see Marsha doing anything like that.

Amanda didn't know anyone.

We have rules.

I dance truly bad.

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What are the meal hours?

A car is convenient, to be sure, but, after all, it will prove expensive.

We've accomplished almost everything we set out to do.

The Italians always sleep for an hour after lunch.

We are not always at home on Sundays.

Ti is distraught.

What have I missed?

She found us.

We were wakened by the whistle of the steam locomotive at dawn.

Christian looks just like a guy I know.

I can't quite believe it.

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I received the same advice as you.


We despise her.

Earl and Maria waited for the lift together.

I like working with them.

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Do you miss your old job?

I have decided to weigh myself every day starting today.

You're supposed to be helping her.

The investigators gathered evidence from the crash site.

I needed you.


Our family has Spanish roots.

Kayvan offered Arthur a French fry and she took one.

In a manner of speaking, yes.

I'll be at home tomorrow.

To her sorrow, she had no one to rely on.


The human soul is built such that a lie works upon it a hundred times better than the truth does.

Everybody is very busy.

He was thrown behind bars.

The street is clogged with traffic.

Charley congratulated Ellen for her driving test.

Okay, try again.

Laurianne deposited three hundred dollars in his saving account.


The unhappy event made him put an end to himself.

Yes, my child.

I don't understand all the soccer mania.

I think Lindsay is angry.

Bryan was glad when Valentin offered to help him in the garden.

It was very considerate of Mr Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

She unbuckled her belt.

Generally speaking, the students of this class are very good.

Getting old is not good, but dying young isn't too good either.

Lila and Sergiu bought some new furniture.

I can take you to Louise.

In your dreams!

I just met the most amazing woman.

Am I going to run into Barrio tonight?

Who ate the last donut?

I go to church every Sunday.

Read the message once more.

She insisted that she was home the entire night.

The check bounced.

I am in a stew.

Are you studying?

Nowadays, we can navigate with just a smart phone.

I had nothing to do with what happened here today.

I asked him to reconcile them with each other.

He likes to sing popular songs.


Tomorrow I'll start building a garden tool shed.